Family Game Nighy


Tonight for family game We played ants in a can sesame street edition or as my two year old calls it “Oscars Bugs” I’m sure there are actual rules for this game but in my home we use house rules for every game we play. The rules for this game get everyone involved and everyone is a winner: mommy and daddy flick the ants at the can and try to get them in while the two year old squeals excitedly and flicks back the ones we miss. My one year old son then takes the game up a notch by stealing the can and walking around with it and periodically setting it upside down. With the increased difficulty level for the parents the cats raise the difficulty for the kids by stealing the ants and running away with them. The game ends when all the ants are missing and the kids are squealing with joy as the chase the cats through the house. 


“This is my magic pen” -Two Year Old
“What are you drawing with it?” -Me
“The cat…he’s in France.”- TYO
“What’s he doing in France?”-Me

Conversation with my two year old daughter as she colors her “magical masterpiece”

Cat in France


Counting to Five

Counting to Five

I have recently started working with my soon to be three-year old daughter on controlling her temper tantrums. We have been meditating together before bedtime since her first birthday and ever since we started she goes to sleep fast and easy with no tears. As the tantrums of terrible twos have gotten worse and more frequent I decided to try to apply some of our meditation techniques. So now when she starts to whine and throw her little fits I have her stop and sit where ever she is and take deep breaths with me and count to five, added benefit of working on counting. If it happens when we are in a public place we find a place to go sit down together so she doesn’t feel alone. It’s the same thing I do when I get frustrated during the day, except I count to ten, and I don’t know why it took me so long to teach it her. While it doesn’t work every time it does work most of the time and has made my days much quieter.

Cinnamon and Honey

Yesterday my aunt called and asked if there was any homemade recipes to help my cousin with her acne, so naturally i suggested one of my favorite combinations honey and cinnamon. My aunt, t.v. dinner chef that she is had neither of these so I made it for her and since I was am such a good niece I made this mask for her.

Honey Cinnamon Overnight Mask


two parts honey


 one part cinnamon

mixed together in a paste and left on for at least 2o minutes or over night.

It cleanses the skin and has antiseptic properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria

I love this combination it works so well and for so many different things.


World Tree

World Tree

I have always been a big fan of trees and have large collection of pictures of them but this has to be one of my favorites. I love how it incorporates all the seasons in the leaves and ground and holds the gateway to another world in its heart. This the world tree I now use in my meditations.